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The Island

Siros goes a long way back with prehistoric findings as well. In the beginning of 19th century the port of Siros, Hermoupolis, (at the time a pirate harbor), got its name by the settlers "the city of Hermes" the ancient god of trade and letters. In the absence of laws and regulations it was quickly developed into the first port of Greece, a commercial naval station connecting european and asian trading routes. For decades the center of trade, ship yards, banking (years before the national bank of Greece conducted business), industry and culture. All this economic prosperity led to the creation of a powerful urban class and the creation of monumental architecture in the port (of the Town hall, theatre Apollon, temple of Saint Nikolaos, mansions, etc). The old town and fortress are on Saint George hill, named Ano Siros (upper Siros) is where the Catholic community were.

With a population of roughly 25 thousands and a mixture of Orthodox and Catholic residents, Siros is the administrative, commercial and cultural center of a cluster of islands called Cyclades. Ideal destination for long vacations, short distance from Athens with daily ships and airplanes, surrounded and connected to other Islands on a daily basis. For the anxious and phobic, Siros has a big hospital and well trained doctors. 

The beaches have calm and shallow waters, safe and perfect for relaxed swimming. The underwater scenery of the island consists of reefs and caves that will surely impress all maritime enthusiasts. Hiking, cycling, boat trips, fishing, swimming are some of the activities you can experience.

From May through October a series of cultural events take place: music, theatrical performances and arts. 

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The Cottage

Rediscover quality living like it used to be. Ideal for children. Enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside while being close with easy access to the beaches (8Km) and the town/port (3Km). Our cottage provides an idyllic setting, surrounded by open countryside, perfect for outdoor activities, like hill walking and cycling, the perfect base from which to explore the scenic sites of Siros.

We welcome you to experience our way of life. We have a wide variety of organic delicious edibles. You hand harvest from the fruit trees or vines, fresh eggs (from free range chickens), and four kinds of last season olives made in brine, olive oil or vinegar and herbs. We can complement your diet with vegetables from neighboring farms. A 1/4 acre micro-farm with chickens, sheep and cats around the orchard. The trees and herbs in our farm are: olives, figs, pomegranates, almonds, plums, apricots, mulberry, goji berry, pear, orange, citrus, mandarine, grapes, carobs, rosemary, lavender, thyme, oregano, palm, laurel and flowers.   

The house is all on ground floor. Equipped with all the housekeeping items such as furniture, all kitchen appliances, cookware and dinnerware. A bar, a 6-person dinner table, 3 yards with tables(backyard, sideyard, frontyard), two entrance wooden doors (a front double door and a back entrance door). Can accomodate up to 5 people. A large bathroom containing two separate rooms for toilet and shower with windows. Off road parking, capacity for two vehicles.

Why Us

It's about healthy living and eating, avoiding banks and using cryptocurrencies, reinvesting to the cottage for better services, funding independent journalists (pledging to fund 1% of earnings) and supporting us so we can evolve.  

The Manna Cottage can be much more than a place to rent.